Agnipath Recruitment Scheme – What is Agnipath Scheme

Agnipath Recruitment Scheme for Defense Forces is announced by the Government of India. Under this scheme, soldiers will be recruited in the Indian Army for only four years. This type of recruitment process in the army by the government has been named as Agnipath Recruitment Scheme.


Name of the scheme                                                     Agnipath recruitment scheme

Scheme launched                                                            14 June 2022

Recruitment age                                                              17 to 21 years

Salary                                                                              4.76 lakhs per annum in the first year

Addressed name of the recruited soldier               Agniveer

Under the Agneepath Recruitment Scheme, young people will be drafted into the military for four years. Along with this, they will receive a service fund package upon leaving the job. Under this scheme, young men who join the army will be called Agniveer.

The chiefs of the three armies also gave a presentation of this plan. Under this scheme, youth will be able to be recruited in the army for a short time. This scheme has been named as Agnipath Scheme, under this scheme youth can join the army for four years and will be able to serve the country. On the launch of the Army’s Agnipath Yojana, it was said that the goal of the Agnipath scheme should be to keep the profile of military service useful. This will also ameliorate the health and fitness position of the youth. Through this scheme, employment will be handed in colorful sectors.  This will help in GDP growth. Enhanced Package, Service Fund Package and Disability Package have also been announced.

Service fund for the families of martyr soldiers

If an Agniveer dies while serving the country, his family members will get an amount exceeding one crore rupees along with interest along with service fund. Apart from this, the salary of the remaining job will also be given.On the other hand, if Agniveer becomes disabled, then an amount of up to Rs 44 lakh will be given to him. Apart from this, the salary of the remaining job after martyrdom will also be available.

What will be the salary under the Agnipath Recruitment scheme?

Under Agnipath Yojana, youth will get an annual package of 4.76 lakhs in the first year. This will increase to 6.92 lakh by the fourth year. Apart from this, other types of allowances will also be available.  A service fund of Rs 11.7 lakh will be given to the youth after four years of service. No tax will be charged on this.

Agnipath Recruitment Scheme will be conducted all over the country

Agniveer Recruitment scheme will be conducted all over the country. In this, the youth who will come in the merit will be selected. Selected candidates will serve as Agniveer in the Army for 4 years. Under this scheme, Agniveer will leave the army job after serving only four years.  After this, you can lead a disciplined life in society as an able citizen. Based on merit and in accordance with Army requirements, the Army can accommodate 25 percent of Agniveers in the regular cadre.

Agniveer soldiers will be equipped with Night, Holographic, Fire Control systems. Hand-Held Target System will also be given in the hands of the jawans. For this training will be given for 10 weeks to 6 months. In this, youth between 17 and a half to 21 times can get jobs.

What is Agneepath Entrance Scheme?

The Government of India has announced a new scheme for the Indian Army. The name of this new scheme is ‘Agneepath’. Under this new scheme, now the youth between 17 and a half years to 21 years will be recruited in the army for only four years and they will be given the name of ‘Agniveer’.

Who is eligible for Agneepath Scheme?

Under Agneepath Scheme, residents of all over India whose ages will be between 17.5 to 21 years will be eligible for this scheme. Agniveer will meet the medical eligibility conditions prescribed for enrollment in the Armed Forces

What is Agneepath’s scheme in Army?

The Government of India unveiled a “transformative” scheme called “Agneepath” for the recruitment of soldiers in the Army, Navy and Air Force, which aims to enable and enable massive reduction in salary and pension bills. Youth Profile of Armed Forces

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